Jonathan Poynter

Associate Creative Director

For a bloke named Jonathan you might think he likes apples – well he doesn’t, not the edible kind anyway. He does however have a fair obsession for all things spaceship and Apple related, having acquired his first Apple II in 1983. He still has it, along with many other pieces of legacy Apple Tech and some pretty flash Apple gear here at Dig+Fish as well. He’s still waiting on the spaceship.

Jonathan has more than 10 years of animation, 3D and visual affects experience in motion design, experiential and post production as well extensive design experience in the digital arena (that’s why he goes in for all the Apple gear).

He has worked with an enviable list of blue chip clients across many sectors.
Jonathan applies his creative and technical abilities to digital and experiential realms with a deep understanding of design, technology and production.

As Associate Creative Director at Dig+Fish, Jonathan works with Glen to bring the creative vision to life for all clients.